Cooking with mayonnaise

Cooking with mayonnaise

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Cooking with mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a cold sauce with origins from French cuisine. It consists of simple ingredients. Mayonnaise is an emulsion of whole egg yolks, vegetable oil and lemon juice or vinegar. When egg yolks are beaten continuously it results into a thick cream. It forms a creamy, thick and delicious sauce. Mayonnaise is one of the trendiest condiment. It appeals to most people for their luscious sandwiches, salads and cooked dishes. 

Chefs often use mayonnaise as the base to many tasty dressings and sauces. It combines exceptionally well with other condiments. Thus far, this cold sauce is versatile. In fact, it is more than a treat for your taste buds. Surprisingly, it provides several health benefits too.

Eating with mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is safe to eat raw. While it contains eggs, it is mostly pasteurised in commercially prepared mayo. Since it is a versatile sauce, you can enjoy with many recipes. It is a star ingredient in your kitchen. Anything you prepare with a good quality mayonnaise is incredibly tasty.

It’s versatility is superb. There many uses. Using mayo to cook variety of baked dishes helps to add moisture to it. Hence, it adds great texture and flavour too. It may surprise you to transform you dish from good to great.

Simple recipes

When you cook grilled cheese dishes, there is no need to spray pan with cooking oil. Hence, there no need to bettering the bread for grilling cheese. The oil from the mayonnaise takes care of the oil requirements. In fact, it takes grilled cheese dish to the next level. It is heavenly. So, you may spread mayonnaise on each slices of bread before cooking. With its high smoke point, it helps to make bread golden brown and wonderfully crispy.

The mixture of eggs and oil in the mayo gives great fats to most dishes. It is brilliant to cook flavoursome and moist chicken dishes. You may coat chicken in mayonnaise before baking. It helps to seal in the natural juices. Alternatively, you may choose to mix mayo with your favourite seasonings. It gives it a umami flavour.

Baking with mayo

Baking cakes with mayonnaise crafts fantastic moist products. It is great for chocolate mayonnaise cake. Mayo helps to achieve beautiful cake texture. It works well into the wet ingredients mixture. You may agree nothing is better tasting than mayo mixture. In fact, it helps make the cake mix taste more like homemade.

When you add mayonnaise to your quiche, it elevates it to a new level. A few tablespoons of mayo into the quiche will produce a much creamier, smoother and tastier quiche.

You may try adding mayonnaise to your muffin recipes too. It improves the texture and taste. Thus far, it will give similar effect to banana bread. Simply adding one tablespoon of mayo creates the magic. So, you may choose to replace oil and eggs in your recipe with mayonnaise. However, if you choose this option, you may want to increase mayo contents.

Vegetarian choices

Mayonnaise transforms corn on the cob instantly. It adds delicious flavour and give it a superb texture. You may create the popular Mexican street food with corn, mayonnaise and cotija cheese. Mayonnaise helps to bind other ingredients. You may choose to sprinkle seasonings, herbs or bacon pieces.

Adding mayonnaise to mashed potatoes it flavourful and super creamy. It does exactly what other dairy ingredients such as butter, cream, milk or sour cream do. It improves the texture and taste too.