Fruit juice drink

Fruit juice drink

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Fruit juice drink

Fruit juice drink consistency is the key to taste and freshness. There is a rich history of extracting fruit juice. Prior to the 1900s, ancient Hebrew religious manuscripts makes reference to mashing of pomegranate and figs. So, as early as 150 BC, they were producing profound strength and subtle form. It may have been one of the first instances of humans breaking down fruits. Hence, to experience their numerous health properties. In fact, the Old Testament of the bible mentions drinking of the blood of the vine. So, it was relating to grape juice. It speculates, that this may be referring to wine.

Fruit drink history

Thus far, one of the first regular production of juice was lemonade in the Middle East. It gained popularity following importation to Italy in the 16th century. Thus, it quickly became popular throughout Europe. During the 18th century there was a demand for citrus fruits. Lemon and lime being linked to prevent scurvy. In fact, it made its way to legislation a century later. Actually it was part of the Merchant Shipping Act of 1867. The requirement for all sea bound British ships to carry citrus juice on board. Otherwise there was a punishment.

A dentist, Thomas Welch developed a pasteurisation process. It was achieved by the late 1890s. Thus far, it allowed storing of juice with it fermenting into alcohol. This ground-breaking concept allowed squeezing grape juice into bottles before sealing them with cork. Then placing them into boiling water.

Unfermented wine

So, this new product was Dr Welch’s Unfermented Wine. The first known example of a juice company was born. Dr Welch commenced a large-scale production and supply chain. While this fruit juice product was popular, it was protected with heavy tariffs against foreign fruit juices. In fact, import taxes on fruit juice was raised to 49.5 percent. However, it had little impact on fruit juice boom of the 1900s.

By the 1910s, orange juice pasteurisation became commonplace. This was mostly because of over production of fruit in California. So there was a need to store and transport the fruit and juice. Further discovery was made by workers that pasteurisation killed the microorganisms that cause fruits and vegetables to spoil.

Fruit based diet

A decade later saw creation organic fruit-based diet. It was created by a physician named Max Gerson. The health practitioners discovered that juice from fresh herbs and soft fruits provided healing benefits. So, it was another reason to stock up on a range of healthy fruit juice.

Dr Norman Walker invented a juicing machine known as The Norwalk. It was the first juicing machine that was widely available. So, this machine made it easier introducing fruit juice into the diets. By the 1950s there was another machine. It was called the Champion Machine. In fact, it was the first masticating juicer. It was designed to heat up the juice to destroy live enzymes within. This was available alongside the traditional food blender. Throughout this decade there were introduction of countless food and juice processing machines.

Health craze

By the 1970s the was a significant health craze. So, fruit-based diets and fruit juice had taken off. For example, the health philosophy was the cornerstone to kick start fruit juice bars. Alongside this there was a smoothie craze too. The world’s first twin-gear juice extractor was introduced in 1993. It became popular because it could press out enzymes without losing them to the resulting heat exposure.

Nowadays, fruit juice become more popular than ever before. Thus far, there many trusted brands in the market. Modern day juices document the nutritional value of juice well. Fruit juices today play a critical role for weight management. The current craze is to use fruit juice as meal replacement. So, if you struggle to eat adequate fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, you may include fruit juice in your diet. It may help your nutrient intake.

Nutrient intake

Fruit juice may provide enough nutrient intake. For example, one serve fruit juice drink may provide two to three servings packed in them. Thus, making it much easier to reach the daily target of natural goodness. These juices are affordable and tastes as fresh, as if they were freshly squeezed. Fruit juice today are modifiable with specific dietary preferences. Furthermore, buying in bulk provide even better value for your purchase.