Kava euphoric experiences

Kava euphoric experiences

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Kava euphoric experiences

Kava is an excellent substitute for alcoholic drinks. Being non-alcoholic beverage, it helps to reduce harmful effects of alcohol in the community. Kava, is technically, a depressant drug. Therefore, it slows down the transfer of messages between the brain and the body. Since ancient times Pacific islanders have been using kava as a sedative, hypnotic and medicines. Many people drink kava to relax and deep sleeps. In fact, kava is a herbal beverage. Hence, kava drinks and extracts are common in some herbal preparations. Nowadays, you may use kava tablets and preparations to help treat insomnia, stress and anxiety. It is available over the counter. 

Like most drugs, there is no safe level of its use. In fact, using any drug always associates with some risk. We all know even prescription drugs may produce some side effects. So, the key to using any drug is to respect its effect and use in moderation. 

Effects of kava 

Kava affects everyone in a different way. Several factors come into play. For example, the key factor is if whether the person is used to drinking it. The strength of kava mix and amount taken is important too. This may be directly proportionate to the consumer’s size, weight and health. It is advisable not to be consuming other drugs in combination with kava. Including alcoholic beverages. Thus far, the environment or the setting where you are drinking it is important too. 

You will feel happy, jovial and mood will elevate. Since kava has an acquired taste you may experience numbness of mouth and throat. It will give you mild sleepiness effect and loss of appetite too. Depending on whether you are a novice drinker it may have different effects. Furthermore, if consuming large amount of kava you may experience drowsiness and loss of muscle control. 

Longer term effects 

In the long-term regular use of large amounts of kava may cause adverse effects. It can cause mood swings, and dry or scaly skin. With heavy consumption, you may experience malnutrition and severe weight loss. Furthermore, it causes shortness of breath and you may get infections more easily. Excessive use of kava has been known to cause liver damage too. Particularly, when taken in an alcoholic or acetonic extract. Therefore, consuming water-based kava extracts with alcohol shows a history of liver disease or damage. So far, it is evident in products that are manufactured as herbal remedies. It links to irreversible liver damage. 

Kava is a psychoactive drug. It means it will affect consumer’s mental state. However, it will have a varying effect depending on the person’s mood. It is often known as the ‘set’ or the environment they are in, the ‘setting’. 

Set and setting 

Set is a consumer’s state of mind and previous experiences with hallucinatory drugs. It is the expectations of what is going to happen. For example, the person may be feeling of stress or anxiety before drinking kava. Hence, it may result in unpleasant experience. So, setting is the environment in which someone drinks kava. Whether it is a known and familiar setting and who they are with. Thus far, even drinking indoors or outdoors makes the difference. Including the type of music and light may have an effect too. In fact, drinking kava in a calm, quiet and tranquil environment will lead to a pleasant experience. However, a noisy and crowded environment may give negative experiences. Thus far, drinking kava with friends you trust and being in good state of mind gives euphoric experiences. Moreover, when consuming in safe environment reduces the risk of negative experiences.

Euphoric experience

The objective while drinking kava is to enjoy the euphoric experiences. Hence, consumer should work on removing all negatives states before the drinking session. Pacific islanders have been using kava successfully for thousands of years. It is their traditional drink. Thus far, kava plays a key importance in rituals and ceremonies. In fact, it is a cultural practice. Kava is known to strengthen ties among groups, reaffirm status and help people communicate with spirits. Many Pacific Islanders who migrate to other countries continue to enjoy drinking kava. So, like any beverage, focus on the good aspects and enjoy the benefits. For example, work on reducing harm. Do not mix and match kava with other drugs or alcoholic beverages. Drink kava in moderation and enjoy.