New Lami Kava pack to support Fijian Drua team

New Lami Kava pack to support Fijian Drua team

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New Lami Kava pack to support Fijian Drua team

Lami Kava launched its new Fijian Drua kava pack in support of Fiji’s Super Rugby team sponsorship. The Fijian Drua is Fiji’s pride and joy. Kava and rugby are two important things in the Pacific, particularly in Fiji. Thus far, the medium to connect people. It is a unique way to connect families, friends and the community. Thus far, kava and rugby are the Pacific way of life.

Lami Kava has been in operation for more than 40 years now. They have a proud history and intricate knowledge about kava industry. Lami Kava boosts the bond between rugby and kava by signing a three agreement with the Fijian Drua in 2022.

Operations Manager

Lami Kava’s Operations Manager, Edward Hoerder, said they had an excellent experience with Drua’s games in Suva and Lautoka last year. So, this year, Lami Kava is going one step further to support Drua. Hence, they have a Drua branded 100g packet. It is their special way giving back to the Fijian farmers. Thus far, a portion so the sales goes to the Fijian Drua team.

Edward said they are launching it online page for Fiji and Australia. Their Australian distributor, HiLands foods will be pushing it out in Australia through a network of resellers and online at and Thus far, Lami Kava has a retailer in the USA with a vending machine in Santa Rosa Plaza Mall. The USA retailer will launch it there soon.

Managing Director statement

Lami Kava Managing Director, Donny Yee said when you are buying the Fijian Drua branded kava, you are supporting the Drua team and the Fijian farmers. Lami Kava sources 100 percent kava from Fiji farmers. The farmers play a very important role to the value chain. Hence, they continue to work with them to make sure the kava quality and consistency meet international demands and standard. Lami Kava prides on its top-notch kava quality and consistency.

Fijian kava

Fiji is renowned to cultivate the best quality kava varieties. Thus they produce world class kava products. With Lami Kava’s continuous commitment to the quality, it sets them apart. They have worked with partners to commission state-of-art machinery in their modern food processing factory in Vasari, Lami, Fiji. It uses the modern commercial food processing methods to prepare kava powder. All processing happens under cover in one location. The factory fit out is stainless steel surfaces to maintain high level of hygiene. Lami Kava uses contemporary cleaning and re-drying, with modern storage facilities. Hence, it minimises exposure to moisture and possibility of tampering. A proper, food safety measures are in place to maintain consistency. Lami Kava factory has HACCP certification to ensure you can enjoy clean and premium quality kava drink. The factory is registered with FDA in the USA too.

Australian distributor

HiLands Foods, a Sydney based enterprise is Lami Kava’s exclusive Australian partner. It is a strategic and exclusive partnership to distribute world-famous Lami Kava throughout Australia, except in Northern Territory. Thus far, it has been a meaningful collaboration. In fact, it is a powerful combination of HiLands Foods’ distribution expertise in Australian market and Lami Kava’s know-how about kava.

HiLands Foods brings great value for your dollar in branded kava powder. So, now you can enjoy premium quality Fiji kava in Australia.