New Year’s Eve party foods

New Year’s Eve party foods

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New Year’s Eve party foods

Traditionally, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day party are not as formal as Christmas lunch or dinner. It is normally informal setting with finger foods, champagne and desserts. Many Australians celebrate New Year's Eve with family get together, urban parklands, beaches or on boat cruises. Others may indulge in barbecues at their own homes or arrange special parties. So, typically Australians celebrate the New Year with a barbecue, grilling sausage, steak, and lamb. Many cultures believe in consuming good luck foods for New Year’s events. Depending on the cultures, it may range from black-eyed beans to various fruits to pork and fish. In Australia, preference is for finger foods due it’s setting. People are normally on the go. Thus, finger foods are perfect for entertaining, sharing, and are worth a smooch right at midnight.

Fun parties

You can start the parties and see the new year with great tasting champagne, nibbles, cocktails and canapes. Perhaps making the party fun-filled and a memorable one. Quick and easy, delicious Asian chicken meat balls are great for finger food. Similarly, sticky chicken wings are one of the ultimate crowd-pleasers. So far, kids and adults, both love the finger licking goodness. There are many recipes, however the classic sweet and salty flavours are famous. It is super easy to prepare. However, allow adequate time for the wings to marinate properly. Making your own home-made chicken spring roll is a superb idea. Serve with a delicious dipping sauce and your guests will love you. You can create a nice Christmas version of turkey and cranberry mini quiche. Of course with good quality bacon. It is normally a big hit with family and friends. 

Vegetarian foods

Cheesy garlic pull apart bread is all time favourite. It is easy to prepare and irresistible. In fact, it is so much simpler to make than you think. Another vegetarian delicacy is Mexican sweet potato fries served with creamy chilli dipping sauce. Crispy baked sweet potato fries with a simple creamy dipping sauce mouth-watering good. It is a healthier food to start new year with a statement. Cob loaf, with a creamy dip is addictive in every event. Delicious dip is made from cream cheese, sour cream, finely chopped onions and grated cheese. Prepare yourself to provide recipes to your guests. Smoky Mac ‘n’ cheese sliders needs no introduction. You will need to ensure you have enough for seconds. Smoky, chipotle-spiked mac ’n’ cheese squares squeezed between brioche buns with tomato relish and crispy prosciutto. We can’t have a party without yummy bruschetta. It is simple and tasty.

Summer party punch

A refreshing and fruity punch for both kids and adults is nostalgic, delicious and alcohol-free. Craft any classic summer punch recipe. It makes a addition to your party table. You may want to give traditional fruity sangria a twist with sweet Moscato and vodka. It is absolutely the most refreshing cocktail you will ever drink.

Another summer favourite is berry punch. It is crafted with lemonade, cranberry soft drink, frozen mixed fruit, crushed ice and fresh mint. Classic sparkling rosé and strawberry punch is a total crowd-pleaser. It contains rosé wine, fresh strawberries hulled, fresh thyme, soda water, caster sugar and ice cubes. A perfect drink for the festive season. Of course, no Aussie party is complete with boutique beer.