Rise of legume snack market

Rise of legume snack market

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Rise of legume snack market

Australians now snack four times as much as 10 years ago. This growth is mostly driven by our ever-changing and increasingly busy lifestyles. It is the younger generation that drives the trend in snack foods. Thus far, consumers are shifting from the traditional mealtimes. They are consuming more snack foods throughout the day. In fact, nowadays eating food on the go is a norm. Almost 96 percent of Australians normally consume snacks.

Snacks allow to fuel ourselves. It fits in a way into our modern and fragmented lifestyle. So far, consumers increasingly demand healthier and more innovative snacks. This is where the legumes fit in the snack food market. Thus far, legumes are continuing to grow in all food sectors. While previously overlooked for its nutrition, it is becoming popular. So, the health benefits are exemplary.

Health priorities

Almost 40 percent of Australians cite their top health choice is to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. More than 20 percent look to eat healthier snack foods. Thus far, naturally the snacking and legumes combine to take advantage of the niche market. Consumer demand for healthy snacks fuels innovation in the health snacking market. So far, new technology helps the innovation too. Thus far, the new trends on snacks features legumes. In fact, they are the most innovative products in this space. There are plenty of opportunities for manufacturers to produce healthier products.

Snacking nowadays more than a specific product category. It is a set of behaviours. For example it is away of eating and drinking. It is a kind of occasion. So, simply anything and everything may be a snack.

Year of the pulse

With 2016 being the International Year of the Pulse, this year had seen an increase innovative snacks made from legumes. There are many benefits that associate with consumes legumes. They are inexpensive and an economical source of plant-based protein. They are loaded with dietary fibre which helps you feel fuller for longer. Thus far, they are great for the environment too. They promote soil health.

So, with the push for new snack products, innovations are increasing on a daily basis. In fact, chickpeas are roasted, and lentils made into puffy snacks. They are salted and sometimes spiced to serve healthy snacks. Thus far, lupins are ground to make into flour. The increase in the number of new snacks containing legumes around the world is astounding. Manufacturers have developed numerous types of roasted and seasoned chickpeas, and fava beans.

Healthy food trends

Legumes are colourful, fleshy and large plant seeds. Peas, beans and lentils are all various types of legumes. These vegetables and other legumes are important food source. In fact, they are key food in any healthy diet plan. They provide many health benefits. They come in various options, are cost effective and easy to prepare. So far, the soft and earthy flavour legumes are eaten in many ways.

In addition to being rich in protein, they contain B-vitamins, iron, folate, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc. Beans are low in fat in fat too. Legumes contain antioxidants that help prevent cell damage. Thus, it helps fight diseases and ageing. Furthermore, fibre and other nutrients benefit the digestive system. In fact, it may be helpful to prevent digestive cancers.