Watermelon water

Watermelon water

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Watermelon water

Watermelon water, with a taste of pure watermelon is simply refreshing. It is a simple extraction from natural fruit. Watermelon water is so refreshing that it promptly jumps to the top of summer drink list. You will taste the amazing flavour the moment you take a sip of icy cold drink. It is perfect to enjoy on its own. In fact, it is sweet enough and tastes delicious. The sweetness depends on the ripeness of the watermelon. Watermelons are characteristically sweet by nature. Therefore, watermelon water has a  rich flavour with a smooth and creamy texture. It is very nourishing and perfect for your hydration too.

Some people prefer to sweeten it. They love it with honey or maple syrup. For example, the beautiful distinction of sweetness of melon, lemon juice and water are absolutely magic. Watermelon is a hydration superstar. It contains 92% water with essential rehydration salts.  

Watermelon nutrition

Rehydration salts are calcium, potassium and sodium. So, these minerals are more effective to hydrate you than water alone. It is rich in vitamin C, beta carotene and lycopene that gives the body some protection from ultra-violet light. Watermelon water contains antioxidants and amino acids. Thus far, it most suitable after a workout. The high mineral contents help to cut down cramps while working out. So, you may sip watermelon juice after you sweat. When you do this, it may help prevent muscle soreness too.

The water component, and vitamin A, B6 and C in watermelon helps to keep your skin soft, smooth and supple. Vitamin C helps to boost collagen production. It actually helps to improve skin elasticity and blood flow to the skin. In fact, vitamin A effectively repairs skin cells. So, it prevents dry and flaky skin.

Other benefits

Watermelon juice if effective to restore electrolytes. With its natural sugars, it may be a suitable drink to substitute water. Since it is great source of vitamins, it helps boost energy levels. So, a glass of watermelon water may cure weakness. It is a natural diuretic so; it is a boon for kidneys too. Thus far, it will help flush out the toxins and purify your liver. It may effectively prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Regular consumption of watermelon juice may help your eye health. It is good for blood pressure management and helps better blood flow. The low calories are helpful to reduce body fats too. Hence, it helps to reduce cholesterol in the body. In fact, watermelon juice, helps to prevent overeating by giving sense of the stomach being full. Moreover, it helps to boost your immune system.

Refreshing drinks

It is a popular summer drink. Thus far, uses are aplenty. The consistency is thicker than water. It is a little frothy which adds to the refreshing charms. Watermelon water requires just a few ingredients to enhance its taste. It takes little time to blend up delicious juices. Watermelon water is not infused water. It is pure juice. So, it tastes more like a cross like watermelon qua fresca.