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Bains Chickpea Chips | Rosemary, Salt and Vinegar

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Bains Wholefoods Rosemary, Salt and Vinegar chickpea chips are nutritious and delectable snacks. The combination of all-natural and premium-quality Australian ingredients with traditional Indian recipes creates delicious chickpea chips. Protein-rich chickpea flour is blended with...

Bains Wholefoods Bombay Mix

Bains Wholefoods Bombay Mix is delicious and all-natural snack food. Bombay Mix is world famous authentic Indian snack. Rich with plant-based proteins, and high fibre content they burst with natural spice flavours. Bains Bombay Mix...

Bains Wholefoods Chickpea Chips | Aussie Nacho Cheese

Bains Wholefoods Aussie nacho cheese chickpea chips are crispy and full of flavour. With a fusion of high-grade Australian ingredients, Bains crafts premium quality chickpea chips. The combination contains at least 50 per cent protein-rich...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 results