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Lami Kava A-Grade Traditional Grind | 50g

$6.25 $7.75
Lami Kava 50g packs are perfect for novice kava drinkers. These are the brilliant sizes for ‘baby’ mixes. Particularly when starting to enjoy the euphoric kava experiences. It is premium quality A-Grade kava root (waka)...

Lami Kava A-Grade Traditional Grind | Lewena

$6.25 $9.00
Lami Kava lewena kava powder is an A-Grade rhizome collection. It is a 100 percent pure and natural herbal drink. Lewena is a naturally milder flavour with a delicate taste. So, lewena kava is superb...

Lami Kava Brown Label | 100g

$20.90 $22.50
Lami Kava’s Brown Label is the finest quality kava in the premium class. Brown Label kava is the superior selection of kava roots (waka) grown in Fiji. Lami Kava carefully selects kava plants of the...

Lami Kava Brown Label | Gift Box

$370.00 $400.00
Lami Kava Brown Label comes in an elegant gift box. The gift box contains 20 x 100g of the finest quality Fijian kava. Lami Kava conscientiously selects the superior kava roots (waka). Fully mature Noble...

Showing 25 - 28 of 28 results