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Coco-coast Watermelon Water

$2.90 $3.50
Coco-Coast watermelon water is 100% natural and pure. It is characteristically sweet by nature with a rich flavour, smooth and creamy texture. Coco-coast watermelon water is squeezed from natural watermelon giving it a delicious taste....

Coco-Coast Coconut Water | Natural

$2.50 $3.00
Coco-Coast coconut water is the finest quality beverage. It is from young and green coconuts. Coconut water is extracted from 100% natural and juicy coconuts. It pairs perfectly to maintain its taste and flavour true...

Lami Kava Brown Label | 100g

$20.90 $22.50
Lami Kava’s Brown Label is the finest quality kava in the premium class. Brown Label kava is the superior selection of kava roots (waka) grown in Fiji. Lami Kava carefully selects kava plants of the...

Fijian Drua Kava| Lami Kava

Kava is the cornerstone of Pacific Islander culture. Pacific Islanders treasure the importance of kava in their traditions. When combined with rugby, it is the Pacific way of life. Hence, kava and rugby represent the...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 results