Food For Sale!

Food For Sale (FFS) is into connecting people beyond great value and mouth-watering foods. It is all about you. FFS sells peace of mind so, you celebrate your tradition and culture. The company is on a mission to source the finest quality traditional food and beverages. Good food is paramount to a vigorous and cheerful life. FFS endeavours to create a platform for you to buy your favourite authentic foods. Collaboration with brand owners, suppliers and manufacturers ensures FFS to deliver the food you love.  Thus, FFS brings you a pleasant culinary experience in the comfort of your home. 

 The Leadership Team’s total focus is on providing exemplary customer experience with excellent value products. This is the cornerstone of FFS business model. With a strong belief in old-fashioned customer service and going the extra mile sets FFS apart from its competitors. It is a journey to excellence. Thinking big, acting small. The management has a wealth of experience in food business.

FFS is a privately owned family business. It is owned by an Australian family with Indian and Islander heritage. Thus, they understand and experience multi-cultures. It gives a strategic advantage and paradigm shift to know your needs. Their core belief in ethics, honesty and being trustworthy is the key to the progress.