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Lami Kava A-Grade Traditional Grind | Lewena

$6.25 $9.00
Lami Kava lewena kava powder is an A-Grade rhizome collection. It is a 100 percent pure and natural herbal drink. Lewena is a naturally milder flavour with a delicate taste. So, lewena kava is superb...

Coco-Coast Coconut Water | Lychee

$2.75 $3.00
Coco-Coast coconut water flavoured with natural lychee juice is the finest quality drink. It contains 90% natural coconut water and 10% lychee juice. The aromatic sweet lychee pairs beautifully with the coconut water giving it...

Kraft Cheddar Cheese | 500g

Kraft Cheddar cheese is natural cow’s milk cheese. Discover Kraft Cheddar. It is tasty, creamy and wholesome. You can indulge in the original Cheddar cheese taste with an unforgettable soft and creamy texture. It simply...

Best Foods Mayonnaise | 1.29kg

  Mayonnaise lovers enjoy the creaminess and taste of Australia’s favourite, Best Foods. The larger size 1.29kg jars are full of flavour, creamy and delicious mayonnaise. They are perfect for larger families or catering. Best...

Lami Kava A-Grade Traditional Grind | 1.0kg

$129.00 $139.00
Lami Kava Traditional Grind is A-Grade kava roots (waka). It is the finest quality Noble variety kava. Lami Kava selects the best quality waka from various regions in Fiji. Kava has a significant position in...

Fijian Drua Kava| Lami Kava

Kava is the cornerstone of Pacific Islander culture. Pacific Islanders treasure the importance of kava in their traditions. When combined with rugby, it is the Pacific way of life. Hence, kava and rugby represent the...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 results