Artesian water

Artesian water

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Artesian water

Artesian water is normally free flowing spring water. It comes for an artesian well or a spring. In fact, it reaches the surface from underground aquifer naturally. It happens because of pressure. An artesian spring forms when water gets to the surface by fracturing the porous layer. So, it is unlike traditional wells that normally require a pump.

Many people world over believe that artesian water has a refreshing and sweet taste. They say, other types of water does not replicate these characteristics. Thus far, it naturally filters and contains minerals. It contains calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These minerals many benefits to your health. For example, minerals may help you to maintain proper balance of electrolytes in your body. Electrolytes helps your hydration too. Artesian water is normally slightly alkaline. Thus far, alkalinity help to neutralise the body and improves the taste. 

Alkaline water

Artesian water is generally alkaline and rich with minerals. It has a high pH. So, the high alkalinity gives it an enjoyable taste. Artesian spring water has natural alkaline and minerals. Unlike alkaline water commonly made with artificial process. Thus far, natural artesian water has a superior balance of minerals and nutrients. So, drinking artesian water may provide health benefits. In fact, it does not require any filtering or chemical additions.

Water becomes naturally alkaline when water passes over rocks. It picks up natural minerals which increases its alkalinity. Hence, the quality and characteristic of natural alkaline water is different to alkaline water that goes through a chemical process. This chemical process is known as electrolysis.

During electrolysis process, it uses ioniser to raise the pH of water. Ioniser makers suggest that electricity is used to separate the molecules in water. So, acidic water funnels out.

Physiological Changes

So far, drinking alkaline water is considered safe. There is no evidence of any negative side effects. While alkaline water has a different pH to normal water, our body make necessary physiological changes. So, if need be, the body continues to produce hydrochloric acid, to regulate the stomach’s pH levels. Hence, it achieves homeostasis which means a state of stability.

Some medical professionals and researchers the claims about ionisation is not backed with quality research. In fact, the quality of original water before ionisation is crucial. It determines, contaminants may not be present in the drinking water.

Health benefits

In addition to being tasty, artesian water is healthy to drink. It does not contain impurities like normal ground water. Therefore, it is absolutely safe for human consumption. So, regular consumption of artesian water helps the nervous system. It normalises the acid base balance in the body and strengthens bones. Furthermore, it improves the condition of tooth enamel and speeds up recovery of the body after strenuous activities. Moreover, artesian spring water maintains well being and overall health.

Tap water normally comes from water sources like lakes and rivers. Therefore, there is possibility to contain contaminants. Hence, it requires filtering to remove various salts, bacteria and heavy metals. It is a known fact; the drinking adequate water helps to maintain hydration. However, we rarely hear that the type of water matters to maintain healthy kidneys.

Kidney health

Kidneys are the body’s natural filtration system. It flushes out the toxins by drinking water. So, it removes contaminants such as excess acids and calcium form the bloodstream. Thus far, there are types and brands of water that may have high contents of minerals like fluoride and calcium. So, if the body can’t use all the minerals, it may contribute to kidney stone formation. Thus, it may cause other diseases too. Therefore the type and quality of water you drink matters.