Pilchard delicacy

Pilchard delicacy

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Pilchard delicacy

Fresh pilchards or Cornish sardines are best eaten by lightly poaching, grilling or baking them. While cooking there is a definite oily odour in the air. However, it much less if you cook them in water. The Scottish prefer to cook them in oatmeal. It works well with pilchards. Their robustness suits most nationalities and all styles of cooking. Therefore they are perfect for fish curries and stews. Nowadays, pilchards are used to craft Stargazy pie. It is a mixture of filling with egg, potatoes and other ingredients. The oil of which is expected to drain into the main filling while cooking.

Pilchards are oily fish. In fact, they are grown up herrings. Whatever the origin, pilchards are delicious and undervalued fish. While pilchards are seasonal, canned fish are always available. The older and bigger pilchards are often canned. These are mostly packed in tomato sauce.

Pilchard benefits

Different types of fish provide different nutrients. Pilchards are loaded with natural goodness. They are high in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids which helps your heart health. With high oil content, they are a good source of vitamin D. Some oily fish contain bones that may be eaten. These include fish like whitebait, pilchards, sardines, and canned salmon. However, not fresh salmon. These fish bones are a rich source of calcium and phosphorus. Therefore they keep our bones strong and healthy.

The recommendation for a healthy and balanced diet is to include 2 to 3 portions of fish a week. It must include at least 1 serve of oily fish.  A portion of fish is about 140 grams when cooked.  Thus far, most of us are not eating this much of fish. Therefore, for most of us we should be eating more fish. Fish is wellness food.

Canned pilchards

Canned pilchards are mostly packed in tomato sauce. They are ready to eat straight out of the can. You may top up with lemon juice, onion and peppers. Other condiments that pair well with pilchards are mustard, mayonnaise or a hot sauce. You may eat them on toast or make luscious freshly cut sandwiches. Normally heads are removed before canning. However, you will be eating the skin and bones. In fact, skin and bones contain some of the health benefits.

Canned pilchards are shelf stable, easy to prepare and perfect for time poor consumers. Tinned fish are staples in many households throughout the world. They are particularly good for rural or remote areas of those countries. Canned seafoods is a perfect solution to feed nutritious food to many families. Therefore, you can prepare a healthy dish for you loved ones in minimum of time.

South African favourite

Pilchards are all time favourite in South Africa. For them they are affordable, nutritious and easy option that is suitable for most occasions. They love eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Therefore, tinned pilchards are valuable to them. Although considered old-fashioned, they believe pilchards are excellent for snacks and main dishes.

Pilchards are low in mercury and a nutritional powerhouse. Like most other canned fish they are boost brain health. Thus, helps reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease. They are lean protein source and helps to reduce blood