Choosing wholesome foods

Choosing wholesome foods

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Choosing wholesome foods

Choosing wholesome food to eat is the key to good health. Today, it is known as the concept of ‘clean eating’. It is a trendy term which is gaining traction. However, it associates with negative connotations too. So, rather than focussing on clean eating, make small and practical changes to your diet.

Thus far, the term ‘clean easting is becoming popular with the health professionals. It simply means that you should be eating more whole foods. However, some people use the term to associate with food shaming. There should be less focus on trendy terms. Keep it simple and make appropriate changes to consuming less of processed foods. To do this it does not mean to emptying your kitchen pantries or starting from scratch. Instead, it means to add more fruits, vegetables and nutrient dense foods to your diet. 

Clean eating

Clean eating has no relationship with food being clean or dirty either. When you simply choose less of processed foods and eat more whole food is clean eating. Food that may provide maximum nutritional benefits. So the concept is to eat  food as close as possible to its natural state. In addition to eating foods that are grown more environmentally conscious manner. It becomes part of the concept of clean eating.

To make the right decision about food, nutrition or health it is important to focus on what is practical and achievable. It is always easier to start doing changes in small chunks. One small thing at a time. Otherwise, it becomes overwhelming and you may give up.

Eating healthfully

To eat healthfully means to eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients. They are packed with fibre, vitamins, and minerals. In addition they contain other plant compounds that helps with fighting inflammation. Hence, it helps with the protection of cells from damage.

Many large research links high fruit and vegetables consumption to reducing risk health conditions. These include heart diseases, mental health and diabetes. So, fresh fruits and vegetables are perfect for clean eating definition. Most fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw too. When you choose organic produce, it helps you to reduce exposure to chemicals too. Thus far, to eat more fruits and vegetables whether it be conventional or organic is beneficial to your health.


Consuming nutrient-dense diet is to choose foods with minimal processing. It must be rich in naturally occurring nutrients. Incorporating more vegetables and fruits into your diets are helpful to your health. Make you salads as colourful as possible with at least three different types of vegetables. Include more of leafy greens. You may choose to include grapes, tangerines, oranges and dark grapes to your salads. Eating plenty of oranges and watermelon are healthy choices too.

You may choose to top up your oatmeal, cereal and yogurt with berries, bananas and plums. So, you may wash and chop the vegetables to toss them with olive oil and herbs. Once prepared, it is refrigerator friendly for easy access. Place it is a sealed container. Adding spinach, kale, collards and buck choy to your stews and soups are better choices. You may choose frozen or canned fruits and vegetables which may be more affordable