Corn and rice snack foods

Corn and rice snack foods

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Corn and rice snack foods

Corn and rice snack foods are plentiful in the market. Its taste is crisp, fresh and nutritious. Snacks made from corn and rice is easier to digest too. So, the main raw ingredients are corn flour, corn starch, rice flour and other vegetable starches. These are the trending snacks. They are normally extruded and expanded into various shapes. You will find tubes, triangular, square and many other shapes. People of all ages love them. They are crispy, tasty and wholesome. Production cost is generally lower because after forming, the residual material after crushing may be put through recycle process. It provides a significant reduction in production costs.

The food production equipment uses puffed technology that produces non-greasy and delicious snacks. After consuming, it leaves a fragrance and appealing flavours in the mouth. With the advances in extrusion technology, various textures and tastes are often extruded. It produces many puffed foods.

Leisure food production

Extrusion leisure food production line is automatic processing equipment. It uses a wide range of raw materials and convenient to operate. With low maintenance and low energy consumption, these are high output production lines. Its technical performance and quality is reaching exceptional levels. Production line is adaptable to many ingredients, extrusion shapes, moulding, flavouring and drying. The flow to make crunchy puffed corn snacks goes through a mixer, screw conveyor to screw extruder. Then under pressure through shaping machine, elevator oven then seasoning station before being packed.  

So, it manufactures maize snacks by extrusion of moist maize meal under pressure and temperature conditions. It may be fried, or oven baked and seasoned with luscious flavours. Flavour coasting is normally in powder form. Most popular flavours are cheese, chilli, sweet chill, sour cream chives or onion.


Normally cornmeal and rice flour are mixed with water. The basic shapes form through extrusion under pressure. Pressure and heat causes the water to steam which causes the extrusion to puff up. Leading into a rotating knife chops it into desired sizes, normally bite pieces. In fact, corn puffs start with cornmeal and transforms into delightful snacks. So, diversity of flavours and unique texture makes these crunchy snacks a delight. It is a brilliant offering for the consumers.

Nowadays consumers are in search of ‘better for you’ snack products. The increasing demand for wholesome and nutritious snack food as well as taste makes corn and rice snacks satisfy all requirements. Furthermore, there more demand on ‘free from’ ingredients such as gluten free and baked snacks as opposed to fried. Hence, there is more pressure on snack manufacturers to be innovative. It is a challenge to balance taste with nutritious.

Spicy flavours

Times are changing. Recent consumer behaviour research show spicy flavours are trending. So, more consumers are looking for flavours like jalapeno, masala, and chilli. Many manufactures are introducing savoury and spicy flavours. A good example is white cheddar puffs with jalapeno. These wonderfully pair with corn and rice-based snacks. Puffs have been an excellent option to introducing diversity of flavours into your snack set. Perhaps, they are prefect for appealing to this segment of consumers.