Global food crisis

Global food crisis

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Global food crisis

The world is facing the largest food crisis in modern history. Hunger has never reached such highs. It is absolutely devastating. Thus far, it is the accumulation of new conflicts and rising impacts of climate change crisis. It includes escalating foods and fuel costs. So, it leads millions of people closer to starvation every day. Since the formation of World Food Program (WFP) in 1963, it is the worst because of the eruption of new conflicts.

Today, almost 350 million people across the world experience the most extreme forms of hunger.  Of those, almost 49 million people are on the fringe of famine. Thus far, behind these massive statistics are children, women and men suffering who suffer from drastic effects of severe hunger. In fact, malnourished mothers are giving birth to malnourished babies. Hence, it passes hunger from one generation to the next.

Growth stunted

Due to malnutrition challenges children’s natural and cognitive growth is stunted. Nowadays, farmers are unable to grow enough food for their families. Hence, it extends to the communities too. In fact, the entire towns are often forced to leave their homes to search food.

The number one cause of food crisis is the conflicts. For example, conflicts destroy roads and buildings. Thus, it forces people out of their homes, driving inflation and blocks off people’s reach to markets. It is closely followed by the escalating costs and the climate crisis. So, these issues drive the global food crisis. Thus far, all of these push communities into hunger. In turn, hunger often sparks unrest. People may protest about high prices or compete over deficient resources.

Extreme weather

Extreme weather events nowadays are intense and more frequent. In fact, these climate conditions destroy agriculture productions. Thus, it sends shockwaves across local and global food supply chain. In fact, during 2021 climate extremes, it was the main driving factor of acute hunger in eight African countries. So, it pushed almost 23.5 million people into emergency. To assist such impacts of conflicts and climate issues, WFP delivers immediate food rations. It works on some long-term solutions to address the underlying reasons of hunger.  

The hunger crisis is in many countries. Some are more devastating than others. The causes for the impacts of food crisis may be different too. WFP has short-term solutions for emergency food supplies. The long-term plans like agriculture training for the farmers are in place too. So far, WFP takes care of fighting hunger in more than 120 countries.

Suffering countries

Ukraine is among the countries that are suffering the most from hunger. Some of the most significant hunger crisis have only recently burst onto the scene. Others have been swelling for over a decade or so. These are countries like Syria and Yemen. Thus far, there are about 10 worst hunger crisis countries in the world. The crisis is ranked by the total number of people who face hunger in those countries.

Democratic Republic of Congo leads the way with 26 million people facing food issues. It is mainly due to conflicts and displacements. They suffer from climate shocks as well as Ebola outbreak,

Afghanistan has been in conflict for 4 decades. It affects almost 19.9 million people. Due to the government collapse in August 2021, the lives of Afghan families were in chaos. It was the result of economy going into freefall.

Civil war

Yemen has been in complex civil war for the last 8 years or so. It creates a devastating humanitarian emergency in the country. Hunger affects 17 million people. Syria is experiencing civil war too. Almost 12 years of conflict is pushing more than 12 million people into hunger. Thus far, civil war has pushed about 13 million people out of their homes. Thus far, Syrian refugees are the world’s largest displaced population. The economic downturn and the impacts of COVID-19 contributes to the hunger crisis.