Growth In online shopping

Growth In online shopping

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Growth In online shopping

Online shopping in Australia is growing. More Australians are choosing to shop online. In fact it is growing exponentially. There are several factors to this modern e-commerce phenomenon. So, the consumer behaviours are changing towards online shopping. The convenience of shopping from the comfort of our homes is the leading pathway. It is the modern lifestyle that we choose. A few decades ago it did not exist. Nowadays all a consumer wants is to make a purchase from e-commerce outlet. To some, online shopping is becoming addiction. Perhaps the convenience of working internet connection is another encouraging factor. So, all they need is a smart device to execute their purchase.

Australian national postal service statistics show 9.2 million Australian households were shopping online leading up to 30 September 2021. It was a 3.9 percent increase year-on-year. There is intrinsic relationship between the rise in e-commerce shopping and the online industry.

E-commerce history

The first e-commence business in history was the Boston Computer Exchange. They launched an online marketplace in 1982 to sell second-hand computers. So, through the years the industry creates giants like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. They have risen to be household names worldwide. In fact, the success and popularity attributes to convenience, accessibility and changing consumer behaviours.


Convenience is undoubtedly the number one factor. It is huge behind the rise. So, the goods you purchase online is at your doorstep in a few days. Sometimes, its even delivered within hours. You don’t have to go into town to buy a pair of shoes or grocery. Everything from your household goods to designer leather handbag is bought from the smart device.

It does not limit the consumers to the nine-to-five trading hours. You don’t have to travel to a brick-and-mortar outlet. Thus far, you can shop online around the clock. For a time poor person it is often difficult to fit a shopping trip. Hence, e-commerce store suits them best. They can shop online with their smartphone in 15 minutes. It is particularly beneficial to people with mobility constraints.


Online shopping is accessible to most people today. It opens up a world of opportunities. In fact, there are no geographical barriers or restrictions. Nowadays, it is easier to shop all over the world from the convenience of your home. So far, most reputable courier companies provide reliable service throughout the world. There are numerous logistics enterprises that contribute to international deliveries.

Online shopping creates a platform to a wider variety of products too. It increases one’s accessibility. When the product you desire is not available with one supplier, consumers intuitively know how to find another website. The searches are easy on a various e-commerce platform. Consumers may even want to look for second hand on consignment sites.

Consumer behaviours

Australian statistics show consumer behaviours towards shopping is changing. For example 26.5 percent of the Australian population were shopping online at least once a week in 2021. However, one may want to argue that some buyers may prefer window shopping first. They may like to evaluate the items in person. In reality, the benefits of window shopping is pale. Thus far, benefits of e-commerce experience is far greater.

Most online consumers know how to shop smart. The best deals for most popular product is easiest way to compare prices. Competitive or free shipping costs are widely available. There are further advantages with cashing in on savings during exclusive online sales. Online shops run these specials frequently. In fact, Gen Z and Gen Y consumers are the savviest to score a good deal.

Pleasant experience

Online shopping is definitely here to stay. So, the future of online shopping will be more value-added. The service will be increasingly personal. Hence, it will be a pleasing experience Australia and beyond.