Kava events

Kava events

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Kava events

Kava has been central to celebrations in the Pacific Islands for centuries. It plays an important role for people bonding between sips of the relaxing, herbal beverage. Nowadays, the rest of the world are realising its benefits and the joys of kava culture. Western world is experiencing the introduction of kava, kava bars and now kava parties.

A kava party is a get together to enhance the community experience and friendship. It is simple. Prepare and serve kava to relax and enjoy the euphoric experience. In fact, to any occasion add kava to it. Thus far, it may be a birthday party, anniversary or any sporting events. A bowl of kava drink helps you and the guests to love togetherness even more. It simply creates amazing parties the island way.

Central event

Kava is a brilliant option when you are looking for a non-alcoholic beverage. Its non-alcoholic characteristic translates to for memorable party activities. Hence, your event is much more special and enjoyable. People often plan kava parties around special events. It may be housewarming celebrations, holidays, and weddings. Some people will look for any excuse to organise a kava party. In fact, the great thing about kava is it makes the events more significant. So, when you are looking for unique ideas to enjoy the calming effect of kava, you may drink your significant other. It may be an excellent way to enjoy and relax. Enjoy your time together.

You may choose to host a game night with college friends or associates. So, a bowl of kava may help everyone at the table. It helps to loosen up and enjoy the friendly competition.

Kava selection

Selecting the perfect kava variety and quality is crucial for any kava get together. For example kava varieties have different relaxation effects. It ranges from heady to heavy and reflects various flavours. Thus far, you may want to choose a variety that best suits the audience. So, for socialising, you may want the heady range of kava. Heady kava have much more upbeat relaxation effects. It has bubbliness, and you may experience a mood boost. In fact, it increases sociability and euphoria. Furthermore, heady kavas often provides a more energized sense of calmness. So, heavy varieties may leave you feeling little drowsy.

Kava versatility

Kava is versatile as to how you prepare and serve. So, you can pick any method and recipe. Choose the best that suit the needs of your event and guests. When wanting to share your passion, you may prepare kava the traditional way. The centuries old process of making kava is often the best. You may choose your guests to join in kava preparation. It creates fun and bonding. Thus far, traditional or medium grind kava root is often most suitable.

To brewing and straining kava tea the traditional way takes longer. However, it is a fun bonding experience. It is an opportunity that helps guests to dive into kava culture. You can use the traditional and medium grind kava powder too. It is simpler and less messy.

Kava brewing

For people consuming kava for the first time, the taste of kava may come as a shock. You may want to ease such guests into the kava experience. So, there are a range of options to brew tasty kava.

Micronised kava is perfect to easily add to your favourite drink. It is finely ground kava root particles that will dissolve almost instantly. So, you may mix your favourite kava blend into fruit juice, iced tea or sparkling water. It is more palatable. Kava concentrate is crafted to make kava taste good. So, all you have to do is to dilute the concentrate with water. It creates instant kava drink which is both tasty and relaxing. Kava concentrates are available in various flavours such as lime-lemon, iced tea or guava. When using custom kava recipe, you may create guava colada, cocktails, chocolate drinks and tea. 

Suitable snacks

Food is an important ingredient to any party. However, kava is less effective on a full stomach. People prefer to drink kava on an empty stomach. Thus, the body absorbs the active ingredients efficiently. However, if you feel a little nauseous drinking kava on an empty stomach, you may follow with a snack. Kava culture calls such snacks a kava chaser. Since kava it naturally bitter and earth, choose kava chasers with sweeter and lighter flavours. Fresh fruits like apple or citrus and nuts are most suitable. So, select an assortment of kava chasers for you party.