Popcorn snacks

Popcorn snacks

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Popcorn snacks

Popcorn is one of the healthiest and most popular snack foods in the world. It is typically low-calorie and loaded with important nutrients. Popcorns contain adequate dietary fibre too. Therefore, when eaten in moderation it may offer a variety of health benefits. Thus far, to get the most benefits you must prepare then with minimum of fats, sugar or sodium which normally drive overeating. Many people confuse its characteristics into thinking a giant bucket of popcorn at the movies qualifies as a healthy snack. It needs to be kept in perspective to make it a healthy snack.

It is important to know that all popcorn is not created equal. So, be careful before you start indulging handfuls into your mouth. When air-popping and lightly seasoning popcorn is effective healthy snack. It is wholesome because it is whole grain.


High-fibre whole grains link to lower risk of heart disease, and diabetes. Furthermore, it helps with some cancers and other health issues. Dietary guidelines state that half of all grains we consume should be whole grains. Popcorns provide more fibre per serving than whole-wheat bread. So, preparation of popcorn plays the key role in healthy space. According to nutritionists, popcorn is stable, it is inexpensive and delicious. Therefore, people who struggle to eat enough fruits and vegetables or whole grains can easily start on low risk snack.

Popcorn you prepare at home will be a lot different to the popcorn at the movies. A tub of popcorn at the movies may contain up to 1090 calories and 2650 milligrams of sodium. So, even a small portion of movie theatre popcorn has significant calories and high salt content. Sodium is normally the leading risk factor for hypertension and stroke.

Keeping in perspective

It is important to manage intake of sodium from a perspective of heart disease. Some commercial popcorn is popped using canola oil. So, using measured amounts of heart-healthy oils such as canola or olive oil can be healthy. It is important to have a control over the preparation of snack from the start. Therefore, use the same logic when coating popcorn in sugar like caramel corn. Thus far, you must have control over the seasonings, oil or butter that you add on. 

Microwave popcorn was posing a totally different set of health concerns in the past. However, over time those many of the chemicals have been removed. One of those chemicals, diacetyl was linked to a disease known as popcorn lung. It was causing wheezing and shortness of breath. It was diacetyl that gave microwave popcorn its buttery taste. Thus, it is present in cheese, butter, yogurt and wine.


In addition to high fibre content, popcorn is a good source of polyphenols which are antioxidants. It helps with a better blood circulation and digestive health. Furthermore, it helps to lower the risk of certain cancers too.


With its high satiety because of the high fibre content and low energy density popcorn is known to help with weigh loss programs. For example, popcorn is known to keep consumers fuller than a similar calorie amount of potato chips.