SolTuna downsizes tuna cans

SolTuna downsizes tuna cans

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SolTuna downsizes tuna cans

Due to the increasing costs SolTuna decides to downsize its 180g and 170g to 160g. The decision is in line with global strategy that helps to maintain costs. It is vital for the company for the longer term to streamline production. So, it affects all SolTuna and Solomon Blue brands. It will be all standard 160g cans. 

The reasons cited by SolTuna are escalating costs in all areas. In fact, fuel costs is the major contributor. SolTuna’s manufacturing plants rely heavily on fuel. The plants operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Freight costs are skyrocketing too. It is more expensive to import raw materials into Solomon Islands. Thus far, due to the global supply chain issues freight costs are excessive.  Raw materials costs have increased by at least 10 percent. It includes tin costs for the cans. Over the past few months the price of tuna has increased considerably too.

Operating costs

Therefore, the company is making this decision to keep operating costs under control. The company states they must take these measures for survival given the uncertain times.

While reducing the can size, the company guarantees the change will not affect product quality with SolTuna or Solomon Blue brands, They expect continual high demands for their brands of tuna chunks and flakes.