Summer party beverages

Summer party beverages

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Summer party beverages

A homemade summer drink is a great way to make everyone happy. Non-alcoholic beverages are on the rise. There are many options to beat the summer heat in Australia. Thus far, summer fruit drinks include everyone. It includes from kids, grandparents, sober adults to many more. Fruit filled punches are refreshing summer delight. They pair perfectly with a dip in the pool or a sizzling meal straight off the BBQ. So, discover the best alcohol-free drink ideas for summer. You can mix up fabulous mocktails, classic lemonade with homemade strawberry syrup or refreshing iced teas. They are perfect to quench your thirst. 

It is important to keep everyone refreshed. Your guests will hugely appreciate fresh fruit summer drinks. In case you prefer to have a little bit of alcohol, make two batches of your favourite recipes. One with alcohol of your choice and one without. They will be crowd pleasers.

Basic drinks

You may start with the basics. A pitcher of lemonade or iced tea is a classic. Everyone loves it. Above all, it is easy to prepare. You may to choose to buy ready made from the supermarket. However, you miss out on the fun. Homemade is always better and loved. Furthermore, when making at home you can be creative. You have the option to modify your recipes. Hence, you may add summer fruits like watermelon, mango, or strawberry. Many people like to add sweetened condensed milk to craft Thai iced tea or whipped lemonade. Some prefer to combine the two into an Arnold Palmer.

There are options to create and serve frozen drinks. It allows your guests non-drinkers be part of all the fun. You may create milk shakes. It is pretty much the best fun drink on a hot day. Milkshakes pair perfectly with burgers, and other BBQ favourites.

Fun milkshakes

When it comes to having your cake and eating to too, might as well drink it too. Milkshakes on a on a hot day is simply marvellous. They are creamy and dreamy. It gets better with delicious crumbled cookies or brownies. You may inspire your guests with cereal milk shake flavours. People enjoy Cap’n Crunch and Fruity pebbles milkshakes. For some, milkshake is their favourite desserts.

You can never go wrong whichever way you want to dress up your milkshake. Whether you simply top up with sprinkles, whipped cream or caramel sauce. Try making a chocolate covered strawberry inspired strawberry milkshake. Just drizzle hot fudge into a tall glass before pouring in your shake. You may even use your leftover lemon icebox pie slices. So, blend it into a lemon pie milkshake.

Non-alcoholic beverages

It is a great idea to be more mindful about drinking. However, it is easier said than done. Particularly, when you go out with family or friends who prefer to drink alcohol. You may be taking a break from drinking or observing sober October. Possibly you are the designated driver for the occasion. Thus far, you don’t need to be drinking water or whatever may be available in the soda gun. There are options to sip on something delicious. The options include the best of the non-alcoholic beverages.

As the sober movement is gaining momentum, more bars and restaurants are offering speciality non-alcohol drinks. It ranges from cocktails, mocktails to non-alcoholic wines and beer. So, don’t settle for water, sip on something tasty.