Tuna belly delicacy

Tuna belly delicacy

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Tuna belly delicacy 

Tuna is naturally a meaty fish. It has a delicate flavour with lean protein. Tuna belly portion is tender and most delicious. It has the best flavour too. In fact, it is exquisite portion of the tuna. Tuna belly area is the most concentrated with fish fats. Thus far, it is rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Its fat content gives it a buttery texture. Belly section is normally lighter in colour in comparison to tuna steak. So, tuna belly cooks to perfection with any fish grilling recipes. It requires minimum preparation time. The high fat contents help it cook quickly too. Cooking quickly helps to protect umami flavour and delicious taste. You should be enjoying more of the tasty tuna belly. 

Belly delicacy 

Belly portion is the most sought-after loins. It is difficult to find because fishmongers preference is to sell it to restaurants. Sushi restaurants pay good prices for tuna belly. So, there is a fierce competition for supreme quality tuna belly amongst the sushi chefs. The price at auctions may be ridiculously high because of fewer tuna catches. 

Tuna belly is best eaten in its natural state. Therefore, to enjoy tuna belly, nothing extra is required. Thus far, you may season it sparingly with light soy sauce. When tuna belly is cooked to perfection, it simply melts in your mouth. Tuna belly meat is juicy, rich and flaky. It features intense fat marbling resulting rich and delicate taste. Its tenderness is incomparable to any other fish. With each bite you will please your palate with waves of umami flavour. 

Cooking with tuna belly 

Grilling tuna belly is common cooking methods. It creates a delicious appetiser or a main dish. You may serve with steamed rice. It is refreshing with vegetable sides. Particularly leafy greens and fresh tomatoes. You may marinate is a sweet and savoury sauce. Cooking over hot coals to perfection is a crowd pleaser. It pairs perfectly with ice cold beer as an appetiser. The delicious medley of sweet umami flavours and smoky aroma is irresistible. 

This precious portion of tuna are treasured. It is perfect to add to a Sicilian pasta delicacy, alla carrettiera. They are ideal to prepare quick pasta dishes too, especially summer meals. For people who love sweet and sour flavours, it becomes invaluable ingredients. So, a slice is fish with spinach, raisins, and pine nuts crafts an excellent dish. You may add raw ham to create a dish that crosses ‘sea and mountains. 

Arabic sandwich 

Other delicious main courses particularly in summer are Arabic sandwiches. They have fresh and light taste. You can craft foccacine with Spanish onion, tuna belly, mozzarella cheese and fresh tomato. You may create this with rice cakes and possibly combine with swordfish.

Furthermore, a pineapple boat with avocado, are delightful to the eyes and the palate. Tuna belly, being succulent portion of the fish that can take leading role in many recipes. They may be finger foods, entrée or main course dishes. Let you imagination run wild to create delightful and priceless dishes.